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Links of Interest

Gazpacho - An out-of-this-world alternative band
from Oslo, Norway -
Mythological Wine Music (beautious music that made me laugh,
cry, dance & smile -- all the way from India!)
Lovestar Records - amazing, soul-healing music, art & more...
An Irish-American Pioneer, George M. Cohan
Bosvargus Barn - fabulous B&B in Cornwall, UK
Pengersick Castle
Quote of the Day
MSN animated greeting cards (they're great!) - wonderful, ethereal (boundless energy) (record company)
Amazon Radio!.com (they play good can request me, if you like)
DX Radio
Old Hippy Site (another cool site, lots of different music, Grateful Dead, and me!) (a renowned psychic, he liked my music)
Prairie Ceilidh Radio Show (cool radio show in Canada, you can request me)
Album Review Digest at Musical Discoveries (my review, & other cool reviews there) (Great tool for translating various languages)
Richard Senate's Ghostly Gallery (he liked my "ghost" pictures)
Al Jolson Society Official Website (love that ol' music, having lunch with Sonny Boy)
angelring (all things Angel)
Singer/songwriter Directory - Search for Resources (self explanatory)
Cornwall myths