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 What People are Saying (locally & internationally)
   "What a power house you are.  Clarity, emotion, what a range!  Iím really appreciating
   your gift.  So strong and one of the most pleasing voices to listen to in my opinion.
                                                                                                 -- Stefani Valadez, Hummingbeads

    "Beautiful voice" --  A. R. Rahman
     "I love all the songs in 'Missing Mantra" - why aren't you signed?! - PT, Big City Recording

     "Missing Mantra" is the best yet!  When will it be released?" - Lovestar Records

     "You must return and play at our Castle" - Angela @ Pengersick Castle,
                                                                                                     Cornwall, UK

      "We love your music - it's on regular rotation here at Bosvargus Barn, UK
                                                                                           Neil & Ann Christmas      

      "Awesome (after I 'sang' my acceptance speech)...come perform at the Golden
       Music Awards next year!"

                                                           --Audre, Indie Tracker Magazine

      "I love Esther's voice"               -- Bronson, Black & White Music, Nashville

      " This was truly amazing music!  Well produced and
        genious writing."                 
                                                      -- Thomas Andersen, Producer
                                                          Krypton Sound Planet, Norway

     "I'm keeping your're not getting
      it back!"                                      -- Bonnie, DJ at KHAY FM Radio

      "You're an inspiration"               -- TMC, New Artist Radio

Played your CD about 10 times today
while i painted the kitchen... I cried
when i listened to it the first time around.
Really really special. Brought back all sorts
of fascinating feelings/memories.

                                                     -- Kate McCallum, Producer

          your voice!"                        -- Art Ward, Century Music, Nashville

       "I received your cd today, and I love it. I don't say it  to be nice, it's VERY
       GOOD. I'm recording my next program on Monday, and I'm proud to be the first
       in Denmark to introduce you."

                                                       --  Egjil Hansen, Viborg Guld FM

    "Remember the old Remington shaver commercial,
        where the guy says "I liked the razor so much I bought the company" -
        well how does this sound?" I liked her music so much I built a radio station
        to play it!" -- and that's the truth.

                                                        --  Bob Pullman, Inetprogramming

         "Cool...great voice, you cook! -- Writer for Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

          "Great Songwriter"               --  Bob Ezron (former Prod. Pink Floyd)

          "I absolutely love Esther's CD... every song is melodic and catchy, and DIFFERENT
          in a wonderful way.... why in hell has this not hit the main stream???  I am serious.  
          I truly think her music is special and would be enjoyed by millions if they had an
          opportunity to hear it...!
                                                      -- Roy Miller, (Broadway) Producer

          "I've always been a fan of
          Esther's voice & music!"          --  Jason Blume, (writer, Backstreet Boys,
               Britany Spears)

          "The voice of an angel with
          the sound of the street"          --  Neal Bond, musician

          "Positively Divine"               --  Karen Goldman, best-selling author

          "Tres Jolie"                    --  Parisian on the street

          "Thank you for your
          wonderful & sane artistry"          --   A renowned psychic

          "Great voice"                    --   Al Bundy (Peg Bundy's husband)

          "@!#*!!*"                   --   Mickey Hart of Grateful Dead (2nd cuz)

          "The next Cat
          Stevens"                    --  David Kershenbaum (prod. Tracy Chapman)

          "Lovely!"                    --  Planet 8 Magazine

          "I love all the elements
          in Esther's songs"               --  Muse Magazine

          "Original and utterly
          captivating!"                    --  Mike, a fan

          "I believe that you are               --  A. Medina, a fan
          destined to bring new life
          to the music world."

         "It's a hit!" (after he  heard
         'If It Don't Work, Don't Fix It')    --  Melvin Powers (was one of Tommy
                                                                          Boyce's writing partners)

          "We want more!"               --  Spectrum Radio