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                                                                            "A tremendous, storytelling talent...original, fresh, and what
makes independent artistry the finest in the world"
-- Earbuzz review

                        A Year Filled With Happiness To You All - Cheers!
                             (warning - don't try this at home - bottle was for the whole

"Valentine's pro credits as a session singer prepared us for a  well-executed listening
experience - she does not disappoint.  Her performances are spot-on, complimented
by lush arrangements that caress the ear." --  Music Connection

Ms. Valentine's new CD,  Missing Mantra, is captivating! -- DC, Fox Network
Great CD, impressive voice -- Big City Recording
Esther's best work yet - I'm playing it on my radio station -- Lovestar Records

Esther Valentine's Can't Watch Yourself Dance is a stunning tribute
to a rising West Coast talent.  Vocally strong, with tremendous
instrumental arrangements -- a must listen!     -- Album Review Digest


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                                                  In Memory of  My Beloved "Ima," Annie Tessel


                                                     A Salt-of-the-Earth, Lancashire Lass -
                                                                     "I'll be looking at the moon, and I'll be seeing you"

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           A Candle of Hope  & Peace For Us All!