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Believe It...or Not - Stories
Believe It Or Not:               

1.  My keyboard played by itself.
 True.  An acquaintance came to play music at my house, and seemed to bring some kind of playful presence.  It stayed with me for approximately eight months.  It would just pound on a few keys whilst I was trying to practice (almost like a child trying to play!).  My bass player came over one day, and witnessed it.  She said, "Uh...what's that?"  I tried to explain, but somehow she knew that I had an extra-dimensional friend, and smiled as if to understand.   Shortly after that, I got fed up with the interruptions and asked it what it wanted (I said, "If you're of the light, come to me in a dream") and, amazingly, it told me, and then was gone.  In the dream, it seemed to be a beautiful,  angelic presence.

2.  My tambourine sounded the end of a nightmare.
True.  At the very end of a disturbing dream, my tambourine was heard in the next room.  Maybe "someone" was trying to help discontinue my food-induced nightmare! (Bram Stoker supposedly wrote "Dracula" after eating lobster!  Gee, but I don't want to be shellfish....

3.  A zombie liked my music.
True.    That's an easy one.  Someone from the Zombies band (Paul Atkinson) liked my music.

4.  My mother signed me up for door-to-door accordion lessons against my will
 Unfortunately true.  Naw, just kidding (about the unfortunate part, that is).  Weird Al told me he was also inducted into the wonderful world of accordion in the same manner (but not by my Mom).  Actually, accordion gave me a good, basic keyboard knowledge -- but "Lady Of Spain" is out.

5.  I survived dorsal fin-infested waters off the coast of Hawaii.
True.  I was in a rubber "raft" (a dingy), when I saw a dorsal fin pop out of the dark waters -- and my heart almost popped out of my chest!  Luckily, and to our relief, there were approx. 50 dolphins, dancing around the boat.  Perhaps they were protecting us?

7.  William S. Hart's ghost took a picture of ME!
True?  David and I went to the William S. Hart ranch (very cool, if you ever get a chance, go!  It's up near Sylmar).  I went to the "restroom" (boy, we Americans have funny expressions), and whilst I was there, I heard a loud pop, and saw a quick flash.  The light bulbs were all intact.  I told the groundskeeper, and he and the others got all excited about the possibilities.  Then, we took a video of our tour, and later watched it back.  We were amazed to see a door open by itself on camera -- rather interesting.  "Someone" was glad of our visit?  

8.  Queen Mary is a "spirited" place.
True?  Well, I think so...David and I spent a New Year's Eve there (an overnighter).  It was very cool, and I hope we can do it again soon!  But, one night, I was on one of the cabin floors (keep in mind it's a very big ship), at the end of the hall, when I got a bit of a funny feeling.  I didn't say anything to David, but several hours later, he had been in that same place, and told me about the strange feeling he had had -- in the same place!  We learned several months later that that was supposed to be one of the most haunted spots on the ship --it was the location of the children's infirmary!  I know I have a way with children, but....