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A Final Thought...& What's Yours?
    I'm not going to wax philosophical, transcendental (well, maybe a little), or New Age Chic.   I just enjoyed myself, and snapped some photos, and the "spiritography" happened when I least expected it!  Not in mystical Avalon, or even in the ancient Glastonbury Abbey did I see a spectre (I went there and shot a photo in the dark of night, but all I got was black on black), or in the purportedly spook infested underground city of Edinburgh -n'ery an apparition did I see!  But, that's just it, I don't think we're supposed to chase "this."  Just appreciate it when we are blessed/able to pierce another dimension, via audio, visual, or H. G. Wells.   I won't be so haughty as to tell you exactly what I think it is, but let's just say it seems to be a little gift from the Great X-Factor, telling us there's more than just Planet Earth.  I hope you enjoyed your visit, and have a great All Saints Day!

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