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Buddy Is That You? (voice from beyond)
To make a long story short, I was writing a song, went to put it down on my hand-held tape recorder, and when I played it back, another voice was singing with me!  (See below)  Not my pitch, not my phrasing, not my floored me.  My husband had been trying to get me more into Buddy Holly, at the time.  He went off to New Jersey to visit his mother, which is when this unusual event occurred.  When I heard this extra voice on the tape, I thought it sounded like the great Buddy.  David called shortly afterwards to tell me that there were storms in the midwest, and he couldn't get home just yet!  I had started writing another song called "Buddy Can you Spare A Rhyme," in honor of this event, and I didn't know that David had already made a compilation tape for me, including some Buddy Holly songs and the old song "Buddy Can You Spare A Dime" (the song title that I "twisted" when I wrote "Buddy Can You Spare a Rhyme!")  Anyway, without further adieu, the first voice is me working out a song, and after that, you hear a totally differerent voice, with different phrasing, singing different  lyrics than  the ones written -- namely, "that's all."  Coincidentally(?), the song loop was ending, unbeknownst to me, so "he" was tipping me off, I guess!  But, it was quite a surprise, needless to say!  Well, here is....

A Voice from Beyond (Buddy Holly?)

(By the way, this is called an EVP - or Electronic Voice Phenomena)