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                          Music to Die (or Live) For        

Please come and visit my Official, Esther Valentine Music site, where you'll find lots of beautiful, ethereal,  thought-provoking music, as well as bio, reviews, pics, on the link below, and enjoy!    Additionally, I'd love it if you'd grace my guestbook with your John Hancock! (please sign in)  I'm actually on several sites, some of which you will find below, if you'd like to browse.  The Vitaminic site also has a lot more music to listen to (click on the "Anthology" CD, and perhaps even buy it -- it would make a great holiday gift!)   

Well, thanks for visiting my "virtual homes," and for "tuning in."  Please feel free to sign my guestbook(s), I'd love to hear from you!  HAPPY ST. HALLOW'S, AND HOPE YOUR UPCOMING HOLIDAYS ARE HAPPY ONES!

Esther Valentine artist site (great pics, reviews, etc.)
The Music of Esther Valentine ( - more great songs